Darling, you are enough.

Darling, you are enough.
It is crazy, I have been sitting on this design for 6-8 months and then found and fell in love with this hand lettered design right in the mist of needing it most. Any suicide is tragic, but celebrity suicides usually raise awareness. When I first heard of Kate Spade's death it honestly shook me. Not because she was a celebrity, but because she was this successful business woman. I have dealt with depression since I was a teen and even now as an adult I tell myself once I get though this, life will be okay. Then it is on to the next, after this... Kate Spade's death told me that no matter what, something would always make me feel like I am struggling.  This battle isn't over,  but I choose for now to say "Darling, you are enough" to myself and I want you to know you are too. You are worth this life, you are worth this journey and you are worth this struggle.  
  • Brittney Babbitt
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